intensive workshop


Dance manifests the magic of life, an uninterrupted flow of energy to which we belong. Letting it flow, it surprises us at every moment.

Like all living beings we are connected to the earth and the sky, we are part of a whole. We dance seeking the truth of the moment, the enchantment and the mystery, merging our breath with that of nature. 

Through the exploration of the body and inner listening, dance becomes a place where emotions are born and transformations take place, a continuous dialogue between inside and outside.

Maruska Ronchi introduces Butoh as a transformative dance, delving deeply into personal identity, inner exploration, and a connection with natural elements. Through acquiring the necessary skills and obtaining certification to teach JINEN Butoh under the guidance of Master Atsushi Takenouchi, Maruska Ronchi effectively communicates the allure and force of this art form, infusing it with her extensive contemporary dance background. In this workshop, participants embark on a wonderful personal journey to discover their personal distinctive dance. An extraordinary and unique experience.