Becoming nature 2019

“I’ve connected with a snail. Natures movement …we are nature.
To connect with our source by observing nature closely.

Like the observation of a snail, slowly moving through the grass or a leaf,
leaving its shiny silver trail or trace behind, wherever it goes.”(ASTA – Nature Creative clothes)


“When I began in love with Butoh, I dreamt of changing mysterious clothes in front of big mirror. Every single piece of the clothes had a beauty I had never seen before.When I wore the last clothes, I knew it was my clothes like skin. It was a perfect moment of transformation life.” (GIO – Subbody Resonance Butoh)



[Into own Subbody]Gently close eyes and slowly send exhalation to the shoulder, body, and lower abdomen (Danjeon). Breathing makes space in every part of the body. The mind stays in the heart, it becomes the eye to observe, and it notices that the boundary of physical body becomes blurred.  No tension on body, no intention on mind. Thoughts, mind are silent. Trusting invisible something and body, get the flow, wow… inexplicable emotions, feelings, vibrations… Quiet but dynamic. It is vulnerable but high concentration. The most honest expression vibrates, shakes, and pure craziness jumps wildly. At the climax or catharsis, we encounter the tranquility that seems to meet for the first time in the world. Movements become dance in the space. Breathtaking silence, but spontaneous moving.  Meet own dance that nobody can copy.

[Hidden Skins]There are some invisible membranes, layers. Like Energy, Ki, Qualia or … Linguistic explanation is not important. Under the skin, or in between touching and not touching, or the larger membrane surrounding body, or the whole space, or the unimaginable universe … Body and mind become oneness. (Subbody: subconscious body and subtle body) Self recognizes world with different skin. It’s invisible skin that has many layers.  Hidden skin store not only individual memory after birth but also fetus age, another creature’s age, ancestral memory, deep life memories. We face fear, joy, various emotion, different self, hidden sensation, character, relationship, world through hidden skin.

[Nature Movement] We are nature! What makes difference between human and tree? Human skin, pulse, bone, hair, breathe, movement and the vein, leaf, branch, tree thread, vapor, dew, growing, falling of tree.  Let’s leave daily concept, identification behind for a while and listen to the nature as it is. The more the nature sensation, sound, shape, and motion that come from outside meet with some vibrations that resonate within us, gradually blurring the boundaries in and out, and recognizing ourselves in the dance that pure Nature breathes, moves, falls and grows.

[Wear the Nature Force]With exploring texture, shape, pattern, color etc from nature force, we discover another skin, hair, face, body. Nature creative clothes. It is created through invisible, visible connection.  Invisible Skins embody in nature creative clothes to visible. It’s not by any concept or idea. This embodied creation helps transform life to life, travel to the unknown world. The very unique clothes which we never tried before. Made by nature pattern, force. Designed by pure life itself. We will be aware of self that becomes nature itself.


ásta vilhelmína (Iceland)

Ásta Vilhelmína Guðmundsdóttir is an Iceland based artist and fashion designer. Ásta´s artworks and designs are often inspired by the ever-changing Icelandic nature. Her creations are as rustic and contrasting as the Icelandic storms and eruptions – yet dreamlike at the same time. Ásta´s works evoke a strong bond with nature, bordering on the savage and the mythical. Ásta studied in Germany and has been designing for her own fashion label since the year 2000. For the last few years, Ásta has been expressing herself more and more with installations and sculptures. She has participated in numerous exhibitions, symposiums and residencies in Iceland and abroad.


Gio (Korea, India)

She melts into the space without thinking, any idea. Only listens through body existence. She experiences various life through dance, bringing to audience explicable and inexplicable moments. Transforming from life to life. With life contacts beyond duality, exploring relationship, space, self, world, language and life, she shares secret, mystery flower of life. As a Dance Performance Butoh artist, facilitator of improvisation body flow, subbody Butoh workshop. Since 2011, nomad collaboration work and art life tour based on India, Europe, Korea. She practiced and has been teaching in Subbody Butoh Dance School (Dharamshala, India/since 2012), worked with dance company ‘Ten Pen Chii’(by Yumiko Yoshioka, 2013, Berlin), ‘Dance Fest akropoditi’(2015, Greece), ‘SoToDo Performance Congress(2017, Berlin)’ ‘Jeju International Experimental Arts Festival(2016~17, 2019, Korea)’ ‘Body Installation Movement(2018. Iceland)’ ‘Butoh workshop with wheelchair dance company and disabled people’(2016,2019 Hungary) etc.