Between earth and sky 2019

Like all living beings and all things, we are connected to the earth and to the sky and in this way we are connected to everything. Feeling part of “the whole” and awakening inside you, your own movement in free and authentic way, seeking the truth of the instant, linking our breathing to nature’s breathing.
Through an exploration of the possibilities of the body and opening ourself to the feeling of our inner state, through immagination, motor of our expression and our mouvement,  keys of the door, we will enter in a place where the emotions born, where transformations will happen, and where the movement becomes  dance. A dance that is continuous dialogue between inside and outside, between the body and the space around, between inner landscape and outside nature. Life is a continuous flow of energy we are part of. Let  it flow and  it will strike us and it will surprise us every time. Dance is the magic of life.

“For me the Butoh is a dance of transformation, a deep work on personal identity, to find your own deep authentic and original being,  until to dissolve it,  feelling part of a “whole”, to simply become a flow of energy, a substance in movement that is transformed by. A dance that comes from a strong inner need to search for origins, the deep, the truth. The butoh practice I propose is strongly inspired by Jinen Butoh of Atsushi Takenouchi my teacher to whom I owe a great deal, but also takes inspiration from other teachers that I met on my way. I try to pass it through my own experience as butoh dancer, contemporary dancer and performer. Part of the work is devoted to a workout that aims to release the unnecessary tensions of the body, and let the energy to flow into the body, to find an organic and effortless movement. One part is dedicated to improvisation guided in nature with different elements that surround us, to find our own movement deeply connected to ourselves.”

These three days are dedicated to ourself, finding time and space, starting a process of knowledge of ourselves, of our deepest and authentic being, it means an healing process, through morning meditation, body work, healthy food, dance in the nature, that allow us to express ourselves through  body, in deep connection with nature with mutual respect.


  • Morning meditation
  • Silence practice
  • A body training to release extra-tensions in the body and allow the energy to circulate inside the body, in order to find more fluid and organic mouvement, without useless effort.This will then  help us to work better on activating the energy to be released in the dance.
  • Breathing work, movement connected to the breath, how to move the energy inside the body and around it
  • Perception of oneself and others
  • Sensitization to the external environment, to others
  • Themed guided improvisations
  • Free improvisations
  • Composition and performace
  • Dancing in the nature (with trees, stones, flowers, water, river, sun, moon, fire)


  • Butoh Workshop
  • with Maruska Ronchi
  • Live music Giordano Costi & Stefano Carniti