Earth care, people care, fair share

Piedinterra project has started from the recovering of an old family orchard, the construction of a vegetable garden for the family, the renovation and the extension of a old “cantina” using green techniques and materials
The main part of this work was made by ourselves, under the supervision of the eco-architect Roberta Marini. The house is made with straw-bales, wood and mud, it has a heating system that combines the solar termal with firewood and a phytoremediation system.
Inside the house we had mainly the support of the Rete Solare per l’autocostruzione ( following the teachings of the master Danilo Dianti and the collaboration of the architect Daniela Re.
Piedinterra is also part of a supportive net between some people living in this area sharing the basic principles of permacuture.During workshops and other activities we obtain genuine products and collaborations from this network.
With us live two horses, a dog, cats,chikens and bees!!!